Invitation and welcome to the library

A modern library is a mixture of a computer center and a temple of culture. Like never before it is now more open to all citizens regardless of their age, sex, social status, education, religious and ethnic orientation.

A modern library is a permanent invitation and challenge to discover and learn more, to be actively involved in the highly variable world. As a result, a user of such a library is pleased with his/her acquired knowledge and neglects extraordinary achievements of the present time.

A modern library has accepted the challenge of the present time and responds to it with the persuasiveness of its book collection, knowledge, curiosity.

This is an invitation to all children, who just began to walk, to come to the library so that they could grow up in the environment where they will become ready for school years, which has always been the most beautiful time of a human’s life. Once they have conquered library space, it will become their second home for the rest of their lives.

This is an invitation to all students to come to the library to find their books, information, entertainment and to spend their time with their sympathizers. The entrance to the library is the entrance to a better world, full of secrets whose keys are tended by librarians. By asking them all your inquiries you discover the information and get the knowledge that make you competent for your future profession, for the world of the global computer network. In the library one gets permanently connected with computer resources worldwide. So, you get permanently connected with the library, too.

This is a call for everyone who is in the prime of life and who is full of enthusiasm for work. Occupied with the need for acquiring new knowledge incessantly, we provide the service for such needs and requests.

It is difficult to change the time. Changing ourselves is easier.

This is a call for all those whose career ended. The library offers an abundance of different opportunities for carrying on a life of quality and compensating for what has been missed. Books have always been man’s best friends.

This is a call for all those who want to make changes with their creative work, for instance in the field of art or computer science. In a library you can present to others your points of view, accomplishments, literary and artistic dreams.

Welcome to the library of the XXI century. It is ready for the challenge.

Ranko Risojevic, director